"I think in art, but especially in films, people are trying to confirm their own existences. "
Late breaking news:

Los Angeles, CA
Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger announced plans for a Doors reunion show Sept. 6 at the California Motor Speedway just outside LA County. John Densmore is expected to participate but due to a health concern, there is a possibility his doctors will forbid him from playing. In that event, the Doors have already arranged for an alternate world class drummer to fill in. Ian Astbury will handle the majority of the leadvocals and there will be special guest vocalists as well. With the exception of the rock and roll hall of fame induction in 1972 and last years VH1 Storytellers special, the band has not played in concert since they disbanded in 1973 -in fact, September 2, 1972 was their last concert so it's is almost 30 years to the day.

In Spring of 2003, the band will announce tour dates for the US and Europe. After that tour it is expected the Doors will go into the studio to record an album of new material. Already Robby, Ray and John have been writing new songs.

A Tribute to Jim Morrison, aka No One Here Gets Out Alive -out of print for six years--has been released and is currently available on DVD and Home Video on Eaglerock Entertainment.

More news: The release of Vancouver, Bakersfield, and Pittsburgh on Bright Midnight Records has been postponed due to the plethora of unreleased outtakes and works in progress the band along with Bruce Botnick had discovered in the storage archive.

What was released as the cube in the year 2000, a collection of the six studio albums with all original album artwork restored and sound remastered, plus Essential Rarities, is getting a new make over as a long box. Essential Rarities is being deleted to make room for a disc of bonus material, including the long lost studio version of Celebration of the Lizard.

Each album will be represented with an out take from those particular sessions. Eventually, this disc, with even more never before released material, will be made available exclusively through Bright Midnight Records so those of you who bought cube won't have to purchase the long box to get the bonus tracks. Within six months of its commercial release, the Outtakes album will be made available.

Stay tuned for more details.

John Densmore received an award from the Rain Forest Action Network on May 3, 2002 in San Francisco at the Avalon Ballroom.

Due for Release Summer 2002

Live material, new Doors' Bright Midnight releases:
Live in Seattle, Live in Bakersfield and Live in Pittsburgh.

Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek are collaborating in private rehearsal sessions and hinting at the possibility of working with some prominent vocalists in the not too distant future.

Bright Midnight Records' Live in America has been released in retail stores in the US. So fans will not be confused, this recording is identical to the BMR Sampler.

This release is for those who do not have access to a computer.

Ray Manzarek's New Book...

"The Poet in Exile" is Ray Manzarek's first foray into fiction.

You can BUY "The Poet in Exile" by Ray Manzarek at amazon.com.

Next year will see the release of "Vancouver '70", "Bakersfield '70" and "Pittsburgh '70"shows on Bright Midnight.

Future releases also include a studio out-takes release and Robby's "Best of the Boots" series.

The Doors Live at the Matrix, which many fans may already own, is getting a new treatment. We have a source of first generation sound for Bruce Botnick to work his magic on, including digital remastering.

In the Spring of 1967, one of the Doors earliest San Francisco visits, the band performed for four nights three shows a night at the intimate Matrix nightclub, the music recorded right off the board. The Doors were booked for, and played for, six separate sets.

We will be releasing this in its entirety as a 4 CD set, including one of the band's first Bay Area photo sessions taken by Bobby Klein. We have been eager to include these photos since we came into possession of all the film a few years ago and since this photo session was literally taken during their tenure at the Matrix, they are ideally suited to go into this special package.

For those of you who don't want the whole box set, Bright Midnight again will be producing a limited edition, single CD, containing the "best of" the Matrix performances.

Release date is projected for March 2002. Stay tuned for more info.

Bright Midnight was going to produce and release the Doors dramatic documentary film "Feast of Friends". Since that posting we have received an offer to release it commercially on DVD and video through Eaglerock Entertainment .

Eaglerock Entertainment is the same company the Doors are working with to bring out "A Tribute to Jim Morrison: No One Here Gets Out Alive", "The Doors Soundstage Performances", "The Doors Live at the Isle of Wight" We expect all four DVD/videos will be available over the next three years with a Tribute scheduled to come out after the first of the year and the Soundstage, the later part of 2002.

The Doors have just closed a deal to release: The Doors Soundstage Performances which will present the entire WNET Public Television Special, known as "Critique", as well as the studio performance in Denmark. A Toronto performance of "The End" will be included in the package as well.

In addition, the DVD version will contain all the photos Gunter Zent shot of the Doors tour of Denmark. Eaglerock will be the distributor and to give us time to assemble the photos for the packaging as well as digitizing and overall improving the sound, The Doors Sound Stage Performances release date has been pushed to Summer 2002. This is due to time constraints.

Fans enjoyed an informative chat with Robby Krieger and Danny Sugerman
Thursday evening September 13th, 2001 at 7:30 P.M. (P.S.T.).
A few of the fan's questions included what venues Robby would be playing
at soon and specific details Danny knew about upcoming BMR releases.

Click Here for a complete transcript of the Online Chat!


AT WARNER RECORDS' INVITATION, RAY MANZAREK AND DANNY SUGERMAN went to Paris to visit Jim's grave and pay homage to their friend on the 30th anniversary of his death. Warner's hosted an event (free tickets, food and drink) where Ray and Danny screened for four hundred fans, several hours of rare Doors footage and previewed the Live Aquarius material. Danny and Ray answered questions from both the press and the fans in the evening of July 3rd. In an intimate setting it was a true tribute to the man who changed the lives of almost everyone in attendance. In Sugerman's words: "It was almost like a communion... a genuine celebration of Jim's life and work. Both Ray and I were very moved. Fans had come from places as far away as Japan, India and Alaska. With the exception of some pushing and shoving at the grave site, which is cramped to begin with, fans ripping tickets in half, grabbing them from one another and from my hand, everything was quite reverent and respectful." Ray played keyboards in-between "Feast of Friends" and "HWY" and Danny, when asked spoke about plans to make Wonderland Avenue, his autobiographical novel, into a film as well as a stage play in Europe beginning in 6 to 9 months.

John Densmore's New Project

Check out this new short documentary video at http://www.henhousestudios.com/ (once there, click first on video, then John's face to view Quicktime or Window's Media file clip), John Densmore teams up with world-renowned Iranien musician Reza Derakshani and bass player Osama Afifi who recently spent time on the road with international recording artist Yanni.

Listen to Robby Krieger's New Album
On His Website: http://www.robbykrieger.com/

Manzarek & McClure Collaboration
Now on Video
Check out the chemistry between beat poetry and Manzarek's music in "The Third Mind," an unprecedented document of live performances featuring collaborations with renowned poet Michael McClure whose work has been called "a beautiful cry of the beast." Directed by William Tyler Smith and narrated by Peter Coyote, featured luminaries interviewed include Allen Ginsburg, Jim Carroll, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane de Prima, Ed Sanders, Anne Waldman, David Amram, and Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo.

"An incisive and engaging exploration of McClure and Manzarek's collaboration. . . "The Third Mind" has lots of energy and style, and it is an altogether stimulating work."
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"McClure and Manzarek command a social consciousness, demanding that we become aware of our decaying world, reclaim our savage instincts and save our souls."
John Aiello, San Francisco Chronicle