"Think of us as erotic politicians."

The Doors Official Website


The Official Page of The Doors, complete info about them, great page

Elektra Doors


Interesting bio, nice photos, mp3, discography and may be more



Complete bootleg of The Doors and another groups, very recomended

Doors Memorabilia


A complete page, a memorabilia market w/ excessive prices



another bootleg page w/ john sign, over 100 bootlegs



An interesting and complete page, very recomended

The Phantom Collector


If you don't visit this page, you're not a doors fan over 1000 cd's

A Dionysian Experience


A related concert of the doors, you can trade the concerts

Ship Of Fools


French & complete page of the doors, w/ many great photos

Chris Walter photos


Jim Morrison Photos

Find A Grave


The Jim Morrison Grave

The Lizard King


More Morrrison photos

L'Historie en photos


The name say everytghing



Dedicated to Pamela Susan Morrison

Peace Frog


The doors with frogs?

Guía Paris


A translate of the Rainers Modderman Paris Guide



The Doors Italian Page

different Colors made of Tears


A coloured poetry inspired for the doors and the devil

La Prole


l'historie of Salguero
A infamous poser group of Peru