The Bright Midnight Sampler

Light My Fire
Been Down So Long
Backdoor Man
Love Hides
Five To One
Touch Me
The Crystal Ship
Break On Through
Alabama Song
Roadhouse Blues
Love Me Two TImes / Baby Please Don´t Go / St. James Infirmary
The End



No One Here Gets Out Alive

Part One
Beginning Of The Doors / Visionary Dreams

Part Two:
Exploration And Morrison´s Sojourn

Part Three:
Cultural Excusion Into The Void

Part Four:
James Douglas Morrison: Poet



The Lost Interview Tapes

Disc 1:

1970 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Interview
· An Excerpt Regarding What Young People Worship
· An Excerpt Regarding A Poem From 'The Lords And The New Creatures'
· An Excerpt Regarding Sex

1967 University of New York at Oswego Interview
· An Excerpt Regarding The Band's Introduction
· An Excerpt Regarding Audience Dancing At Concerts
· An Excerpt Regarding Performing On 'The Ed Sullivan Show'

Disc 2:

· About Absolutely Live
· Why The Lack Of Practice?
· Do You Have A Great Big Ego?
· How Do You Feel About Being Called The Lizard King?
· Do You Believe In Reincarnation?
· What Is Your Primary Belief?
· What Kind Of Films Did You Make At UCLA?
· What Grade Did They Give You?
· The Idea For Theatricality In Rock
· What Was Your State Of Mind In Miami?
· Jim: I Had A Trial
· What Did You Do That Evening?
· People Say The Doors Have Declined
· Pop Idols And Rock Stars
· Jim: A Hero Is Someone Who Rebels Against The Facts Of Existence
· What Do You Think Of Yourself As A Human Being?
· If You Had To Do The Whole Thing Over What Would You Have Done?
· What Do You Plan To Do In The Future?
· How Is Your Book Doing?
· With The Deaths Of Jimi And Janis, Why Do You Think They Burned Themselves Out?
· How Do You Think You'll Die?
· What About The State Of America?
· What Is The Climate Of America In Your Opinion?
· If You Spend Eight Months In Jail, What's Going To Happen To The Group?
· Has It Definitely Been Decided That You're Going To Jail?
· What Was The Isle Of Wight Concert Like?
· The Trial, Were You Scared?
· What About The Police?
· Have You Ever Been Hassled On The Road By The Police?
· I Didn't Know You Have A Sister
· How Did Your Fame Affect Your Family?
· Have Your Earlier Visualizations For The Group Become A Realization?
· Restart The Cassette Machine
· Jim: I Like Interviews
· The Stooges And Other Groups
· Jim: About Love
· Jim: John Got Married Sunday
· Jim: The Group's At A Critical Point
· Jim: About Interviews
· Have You Seen The Company Theatre Play?
· How Do You Feel About Plays Written About You?


The Best Of The Doors

Disc 1:
Light My Fire
Hello, I Love You
People Are Strange
Love Me Two Times
Touch Me
Strange Days
Spanish Caravan
Moonlight Drive
We Could Be So Good Together
The Unknown Soldier
Queen Of The Highway
Shaman's Blues
The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
L.A. Woman
Whiskey, Mystics And Men
Summer's Almost Gone
You're Lost Little Girl
When The Music's Over
No Me Moleste Mosquito (The Mosquito)

Disc 2:
Riders On The Storm
Break On Through (To The Other Side)
Roadhouse Blues
Soul Kitchen
Love Her Madly
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
Peace Frog
Waiting For The Sun
Who Scared You
Crystal Ship
Wishful Sinful
Love Street
Wintertime Love
The Spy
Back Door Man
My Eyes Have Seen You
Five To One
The End



The Long Shadow
Back Door Men
A New Beatles
I Dont Know - What Do You Think
The Prima Donna
The Lizard King In London
Miami Vice
Hair Of The Dog
Autumn Leaved
Death In Paris
He´s Hot He´s Sexy He´s Dead



The Complete Matrix Tapes

Disc 1:
Back Door Man
My Eyes Have Seen You
Soul Kitchen
Get Off My Live
When The Music’s Over
Close To You
Crawling King Snake
I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind
People Are Strange
Who Do You Love
Alabama Song
The Crystal Ship

Disc 2:
Twentieth Century Fox
Moonlight Drive
Summer’s Almost Gone
Unhappy Girl
Me And The Devil Blues/Sittin’Here Thinkin’/Rock Me Baby
Break On Through
Light My Fire
The End

Disc 3:
My Eyes Have Seen You
Soul Kitchen
I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind
People Are Strange
When The Music’s Over
Who Do You Love
Moonlight Drive

Disc 4:
Summer’s Almost Gone
I’m A King Bee
Break On Through
Back Door Man
Alabama Song
The End